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Circular kayaking around the island of Vranjina. After exiting from Virpazar’s canal we will go directly toward island Vranjina. Somewhere in the middle of the road, on the island Vranjina, there is an ideal spot for short brake – Monastery of Saint Nicolas. This track is long in total 13km.




Kayaking goes toward the abandoned stone village of Poseljani. Extraordinary ambient whole, made of steep mountain brook which floats into Skadar lake making a lot of small waterfalls. The spot is surrounded by numerous ruins of stone houses and watermills. The length of kayaking is 15km.



Karuč is a small fisherman settlement at the shores of Skadar Lake. The eye of Karuc – a famous source was well known for the big amounts of cached fish so in time from temporary settlement there was built a permanent fishermen settlement. Above the settlement, there is a winter house of Petar I Petrovic Njegos, unfortunately in ruins. The length of kayaking is 25km.




Grmožur fortress was a former Turkish fortress and border station toward Montenegro, then in the time of Duke Nikola it became a prison for the hardest convicts, and now it is a nesting area of a big cormorant. The length of kayaking is 8km.





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